Round up of the Latest Kitchen Gadgets

Spring Fair International, Sunday 5th February 2012

This week I've been lucky enough to take a sneak peak at all the latest Kitchen Gadgets at the Spring Fair International.

Highlight of the Day - Getting this evenslice Bread Slicer from the owner of Lakeland

Although I got to meet Greg Wallace from Masterchef, my highlight of the day was actually meeting the owner of Lakeland, Martin Rayner. I like Masterchef, but I'm a real fan of Lakeland and have been buying Kitchen Gadgets from them for a few years now. I was thrilled to meet Martin and here him speak with such passion about Lakeland their commitment to their customers.

He was also kind enough to give me the evenslice Bread Slicer he had been showing. I'm looking forward to giving it a full review when I get back home.

OXO Egg Beater

I've seen the OXO egg beater before, but this was the first time I'd actually had it in my hands. When I first saw it I did think it was a bit pricey for a whisk, but having had a quick go I could see how useful it could be, especially for people with limited hand strength. It whisked egg whites into fluffy peaks in about 2 minutes. I don't know about you, but I find whisking by hand tiresome so usually end up using my electric whisk. However, this little device may be as good as an electric whisk, but it won't cost you anything to run. Maybe I'll have a word with OXO about borrowing one to do a comparison test at home.

Magisso Tea Cup

Magisso make products that make life easier. They are a Finnish Company new to the UK.

This is a loose leaf tea cup, which lets you make a cup of loose leaf tea directly in the cup so you don't have to get out the teapot and strainer if you drink loose leaf tea.

Magisso very kindly gave us all a cup of tea, and told us to keep the cup. Everyone really seemed to like it and thought it was a cool little product. It's angled at the bottom so you can sit it one way to brew, then sit it on the other side when your drinking your tea - genius!

Magisso also had some other great products, so I'm going to speak to them later in the week about their latest kitchen gadgets.

Victor Cast Iron Pestle and Mortar

Although there to promote the MasterChef range, the piece of Kitchen equipment I was most impressed seeing John Torrode use was the Victor Cast Iron Pestle and Mortar. What a fantastic size, put's my little porcelain one to shame.

Egg Poachies

I saw a quick demo of the egg poachie. It drew my attention because it reminded of how Jamie Oliver cooked a poach egg in cling film on Jamie's Great Britain. I actually tried the cling film trick but it didn't work out. These seem like a much better idea. As there's a few egg poaching devices out there at the moment, I think I'm going to get them all and do a test to see which is best.

What a great day, and a great way to see all the latest Kitchen Gadgets, can't wait to see what's in store tomorrow.

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