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My Ice Cream Makers

cuisinart ice30 ice cream maker

Cuisinart ICE30 Freezer Bowl

My personal favourite. Solid little machine that's been making amazing ice cream for me since 2011.

Cuisinart ICE30 Review Page

andrew james fully automatic ice cream maker

Andrew James Fully Automatic 

At £149.95 it's the Cheapest and Quietest Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker You Can Buy.

Andrew James Fully Automatic Review Page

Other Ice Cream Maker Reviews

 Freezer Bowl Ice Cream Maker Reviews

Kenwood IM200 

Cheap ice cream maker with a reputation for being quite sturdy, but it's also got one for the lid and body not fastening properly together as well.

Kenwood IM200 Ice Cream Maker Review Page

andrew james freezer bowl ice cream maker

Andrew James Freezer Bowl 

Amazon Bestseller and a Which? Best Buy. Some people  say it feels a bit plastic, and it can be fiddly to put together. But it has had lots of positive comments for the ice cream it produces.

Andrew James Freezer Bowl Ice Cream Maker Page

Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker Reviews

cuisinart professional ice cream maker

Cuisinart Professional (aka BC-50)

Big, noisy and heavy, but it does make really good ice cream. Personally I would go for the Andrew James fully automatic over the Cuisinart because it's cheaper and quieter. 

Cuisinart Professional Review Page

gaggia gelatiera ice cream maker

Gaggia Gelatiera 

At £300 it's one of the most expensive ice cream makers on the market. And for some reason you have to rub alcohol between the bowl and the machine (which seems like a waste of money to me). 

Best looking machine out of the fully automatics

Gaggia Gelatiera

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Having owned 2 Ice Cream Makers, I'll Never Go Back to Buying Shop Bought Again.

ice cream being scooped from a kenwood im200

I absolutely love making ice cream, and now I've had the real thing, made from only natural ingredients, I'll never buy commercial ice's with it's emulsifiers, vegetable fats, palm oil, glucose syrup, fatty acids, and whatever else they put in it, again.

I love being an Ice cream woman and stocking up my freezer with my own concoctions whenever it's needed (or demanded).

But once upon a time, I didn't own an Ice cream maker, and I didn't have a clue which one to buy.

After pain painstakingly reading all the ice cream maker reviews, the first ice cream maker that I bought was the Cuisinart ICE30 Deluxe. The most expensive out of all the freezer bowl ice cream makers, but in my eyes it's been more than worth it. I decided to buy this machine because I was looking for something that was going to be robust enough for me to use at least once a month without anything going wrong with it. Having looked at the other ice cream makers available, the Cuisinart just looked a lot sturdier than all the other machines. 

Now this was back in June 2011, and I've been very happy with my purchase so far. Yes it is noisy, and personally I can't stay in the kitchen with it while it churns. So when I'm making ice cream, I just leave the machine to do it's thing, while I get on with other things in another part of the house. 

Last year I bought an Andrew James fully automatic machine because I wanted to see how the ice cream compared between the two types of machine.

For the money I was really impressed with the Andrew James, and the thing that impressed me most was how quiet it was. Plus it was really cool just being able to make ice cream just like that, without having to think about freezing the bowl. 

When I got the Andrew James, the plan was to see which machine I liked the best, and then get rid of one of them because not even I need 2 ice cream makers!

With the Andrew James I did love the fact that I could make ice cream on a whim, and that I could make batches and batches of ice cream - I made 4 batches in one day once after I forgot I was meant to be making some for a party! And I loved that the machine was so quiet I could make ice cream at midnight if I wanted to (and I did once).

But, despite all these positives, I did end up selling the Andrew James fully automatic because the ice cream just wasn't as good as the ice cream made in the Cuisinart ICE30. 

The Cuisinart always produces ice cream that I would give 5 out of 5 - thick and fluffy from the churn, and never icy out of the freezer. 

The Andrew James on the other hand was a bit more hit and miss. You could produce 4 out of 5 ice cream, but you had to work that bit harder to achieve it. Plus sometimes it could be icy coming out of the freezer. 

So the results of my experiment showed that a fully automatic machine doesn't necessarily produce better ice cream, they are just more convenient and better for making batches. 

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