Tefal 4 in 1 Electric Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Porridge Maker and Steamer

Are 4 Gadgets Better Than 1?

I bought the Tefal Electric Rice cooker because I wanted a slow cooker and thought

“Why buy 1 gadget, when I can have 4?”

2014 Update - 4 Gadgets are not better than 1, or at least they weren't here

I wrote this review back in 2011, and although I got a lot of use out of this machine, it has now been relegated to the gadget graveyard (aka the back of the cupboard).

So how does a machine with so many functions end up not being used at all?

1. Rice Cooker - This was it's best function. For years I'd struggled to cook rice properly, but this cooked it perfectly every time. Then I went on an Indian cooking course, and I learned the secrets to cooking rice! After that there was no point getting out the rice cooker.

2. Slow Cooker - I never rated it as a slow cooker, I used it a few times, but then I went back to my Crockpot. I found it cooked food too quickly to be a proper slow cooker. Plus the metal pot created more moisture than the ceramic one in the Crockpot, and this made the food watery.

3. Steamer - I didn't need it as a steamer, the capacity is too small for my needs, and I find my 3 tier steamer more versatile.

4. And as for porridge, well, I'm not Goldilocks, I rather start my day on an egg!

Just because I no longer use it though, that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's uses.

The locking lid makes the Tefal a very portable little cooking machine. I could see it being very useful for people in caravans, students in halls of residents and others who have limited cooking facilities. It would also be good for parties and social gatherings as food can be cooked, safely transported, and kept warm in it.

Tefal 4 in 1 Rice Cooker Review


  • Hinged locking lid with handle
  • Automatic keep warm setting
  • Electronic control panel with blue LED
  • Delayed start for rice cooking menu
  • Non-stick coated removable bowl

    1. Electric Rice Cooker

    What we like

  • Cooks perfect rice every time

  • Simply measure rice in cups, then fill with water to cup line in basket. It automatically calculates the cooking time for you

  • Can be programmed to come on when you want, so you can wake up to freshly cooked rice (great for lunches) or it can be ready for when you get home

  • Keeps rice warm without drying it out, so it's perfect for when you have a full house, or if everyone's eating at different times

    What's not so good

  • Doesn't display the cooking time like it does when it's a Slow Cooker. However once you've used it a few times you do get used to how long it takes.

  • Not recommended for cooking less than 2 cups of rice - I have used to cook 1 cup of rice, but most of it just stuck to the bottom

  • Doesn't beep when it's ready like it does when it's a slow cooker

    2. Slow Cooker

    What we like

  • LCD display shows the cooking time

  • Has a keep warm function

  • Light indicates when food is being cooked or kept warm

  • Automatically switches to keep warm when cooking finished

  • Clip down lid means it's great for transporting food

    What's not so good

  • Has only one temperature setting - High

  • Food can be overcooked if cooked all day

  • The metal pot creates more moisture than a ceramic pot, which can make food watery.

    3. Steamer

    What we like

  • Can program cooking time so you know exactly when your food will be cooked

  • Keep warm facility if your not quite ready for it

    What's not so good

  • Steamer insert is very shallow, so you can only cook a small amount in it

  • Takes longer to cook food - takes about 40 minutes to cook potatoes to perfection in the Tefal, it takes 20 minutes in my 3 tier steamer

    4. Porridge Maker

    What we like

  • Makes lovely porridge in less than 10 minutes

  • You can leave your porridge to cook while you get ready for work

    What we don't like

  • Large pot means you can't just make one serving of porridge

    Would we buy one again?

    No because despite all the positive ways it could be used, since I learned how to cook rice, it's been in the cupboard.

    Tefal 4 in 1 Rice Cooker on Amazon

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