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Coffee Maker Replacement Parts

coffee maker replacement parts for a Stovetop coffee pot

You may need to buy coffee maker replacement parts if your stovetop coffee pot starts acting up and generally not performing the way it should.

Tell Tale signs of when you'll need coffee maker replacement parts

  • Stovetop Coffee Pot not performing as it should i.e it spits coffee out all over your stove

  • You smell / taste burning rubber

  • Parts look worn, damaged or loose

  • If you accidentally leave your Stovetop coffee maker to boil dry, resulting in black and crumbly internal parts

    coffee maker cleaning instructions

    1.Funnel Shaped Filter

    coffee maker replacement parts funnel shaped filter

    How often will it need Replacing?:

    Depends how often you use your Stovetop coffee pot, and how much heat you use. However if you use your pot everyday the Funnel Shaped Filter should last you 3 - 4 years

    How much does it cost?:

    About £4.00

    2. Filter Plate

    coffee maker replacement parts filter plate

    How often will it need Replacing?

    May need replacing once a year if you use your pot everyday

    How much does it cost?

    About £5.00, but that's for a set which includes washers

    3. Washer (aka Rubber seal)

    coffee maker replacement parts washer aka rubber seal

    How often will it need Replacing?

  • This may also replacing once a year if you use your pot everyday

  • You should change your washer if it becomes loose, goes black, is crumbling or the coffee tastes or smells like rubber

    How much does it cost?

  • About £5.00, but that's in the set with the filter and includes 3 washers!

    Not sure what size Washer and Filter you need?

    Then check out the Bialetti Size Finder To find out

    To Replace the Coffee Maker Filter Plate and Washer

    Unscrew your coffee pot and take out old washer and filter

    Place coffee maker Filter Plate this way up

    Push the washer down, making sure it fits nice and tight

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