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How to Clean a Coffee Pot

How to Clean A Coffee Pot - Quick Tips

  • Always Wash by Hand

  • Don't Use Detergent

  • Never use steel wool or abrasives on coffee pot

  • Make sure the pot is completely Dry before screwing back together

    1st Time you use your Stovetop Coffee Pot

    Make 2 – 3 Pots of Coffee to throw away

    This will clean out your coffee pot and is said to wash off any residue left from manufacturing.

    It’s also said that coating the aluminum sides “seasons” the pot with coffee oil and makes the coffee taste less bitter.

    Cleaning After Every Use

    1.Wait for your Stovetop Coffee pot to cool down before unscrewing

    2.Clean funnel out with a plastic spoon or other non metallic instrument as Aluminium is a relatively soft metal and scratches easily

    3. Wash by Hand–Never put a stovetop coffee pot in a Dishwasher

    4. Only use water – Do not use Detergent

    5. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any coffee sediment - Never use steel wools or abrasives to clean a coffee pot

    6.For Stubborn Stains put some baking powder or vinegar on your cloth

    4. Wash off any coffee granules from the washer and the sides of the pot - Remove washer and filter and wash separately under tap if necessary

    5. Make sure the sides and the thread are completely dry before screwing back together

    6. Store your stovetop coffee pot in a safe place where it won’t get knocked

    If you live in a hard water area, you may need to turn the safety valve when washing your stovetop coffee pot to clear any calcium deposits which can block the valve.

    From Time to Time

    Bialetti says"From time to time clean the inner sides of the little column should be cleaned"

  • Put some kitchen towel or a small cloth on a skewer to clean a coffee pot inside the little column (as I have demonstrated above)


    These instructions were sent to me by a very helpful chap at Bialetti who I contacted to ask how to clean a coffee pot. The instructions are for descaling your pot, however it's also great for giving your stove top coffee pot and it's internal parts a good clean.

    Limescale deposits, which may form on the inside of the bottom when hard water is used, can PERMANTLY DAMAGE the coffee maker.

    In order to prevent this from happening, DESCALING, as detailed below, must be performed at regular intervals:

    1. Fill the bottom with water up to the safety valve

    2. Add two teaspoons of citric acid ( I use lemon juice and vinegar)

    3. Assemble the coffee maker without putting any coffee in the funnel-shaped filter and allow the solution to percolate into the top of the maker

    4. After having done this, dispose of the water and acid solution and rise the coffee maker internal parts under running water

    Make a brew as normal using water only and no coffee before using the coffee to maker coffee

    Damaged Pots

    If you accidentally leave your stovetop coffee pot to burn dry, you may be able to rescue your pot by washer and filter plate and then making 2 - 3 pots of coffee to throw away

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